Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yesterday's Projects

Fog, fog and more fog.The past few days have reminded me of growing up in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Expressions such as " as thick as soup" and "you can cut it with a knife" were common with foggy days. Well, I started with yesterdays projects so to keep on the track............
2011 Christmas 1:12 scale felt stocking for the fireplace. The fillers are a candy cane made with white papered wire and red thread... plastic coloured pins for lollipops... a folded bookcover... flag... and a twisting bell puppet made with felt,toothpick,wooden bead, felt and seedbeads.

A wardrobe trunk for my Seagull Cottage. This was a DIY kit from Jane Harrop's collection. Memmories rolled in while making this kit. My stepgrandfather gave me his military army wardrobe trunk when I was setting off to college in 1959. Natually I had to repaper it with my colours at the time.
The trunk needs more damage done to it to make look like it has earned the stickers from travels.
I seem to require a photographing box by the looks of the quality of the photos and maybe a photo course. Now that is a good idea for my Christmas Wish.
The DIY kit was from Jane Harrop.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

After the Storm

The storm with high winds has finally died down.
Last evening was our dollshouse group meeting. What fun we had making a French Mirror.
Glue, angle cutter, cardstock,wood,metal ribbon and goldpaint were some of the products we used during the evening.
Each one finished a wall mirror 6.5cm. x 9.2cm.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Single photos

Just thought I'd post a few of the individual photos I have of the articles in the 1:12 scale Roombox.
The chair was a project we made at Club Night. My theme is Steampunk. Steampunk has fasinated me for at least a year now in several of my hobbies including scrapbooking and altered artwork.
While the chair was a fun project, so were the other things in the room. This tray for instance made of wicker weaving and cardboard. The footstol , flowerbox with white geraniums made from a kit and the lovely chair that was another Club Night project. The deskset is in my shop dollshouse.
A metalwork copper woodbox made with Ten Seconds Studio copper, mould & tools. A bedwarmer made from a button,copper tube and watchparts. These slippers were made on course with Solveig Marie i Aug. 2010. A carry-all purse
Endtable is decorated with QK ants and a rub-on "Time" under acryl on the top. The Taco lunch was made by Odin. Fireplace made on course with Torhild. Wall decor made with one of Lynne Perrella's stamps, "Temptress". Flowers made from kits and floor mat DM's stoff cut with a TH's sizzix die cutting machine.
The table made out of cardboard and boughten legs for the Java coffee maker and TH's stasj chain hangings. Teddy is a furry pipecleaner.
My steampunk tophat is my latest addition to the Roombox. It now sits by the teddy on the floor. (not in the original photo)
If you look closer at the Roombox itself you will see chairs made out of Bubbly Drink tops and paper woven baskets.
That's it for today.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Group Project Yesterday

Yesterday was the first Fall meeting of our dolls'house activity group.
We made this Tray. I completed the tray except for the painting. The painting session took place earlier this evening with PaperArtsy's "Fresco Finish", chalk acryl in Toad Hall (green) & Guacamole ( light green). Sanding the edges added the shabby chic final touch to the tray. Loved the project & thank you Janne for a super evening.
The cup on the tray is from Grace White who has an shop called Honey and Bee.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Roombox 1:12 scale

Backroads Bits 'n Bobs came about after I made the Steampunk Java Coffee Maker from a tutorial by Micheal Barbour in American Miniatures # 91 Nov. 2010 and an old vase shipping crate.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1st Try.......

Jippi ..... I'm starting to get the hang of finding my way around my Blog. This blog will be about my ongoing projects past, present and future. 1:12 scale Miniatures, Dollshouse, Scrapbooking, Altered Art, Genealogical Research and Quilting are my favourite hobbies. In the photo under my title is the 1:12 scale wicker furniture I made on course at Craft Retreat 2011. The instructor was no other than Solveig Marie. A big thank you to Tone for making this event one of the summer's highlights. Pat