Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yesterday's Projects

Fog, fog and more fog.The past few days have reminded me of growing up in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Expressions such as " as thick as soup" and "you can cut it with a knife" were common with foggy days. Well, I started with yesterdays projects so to keep on the track............
2011 Christmas 1:12 scale felt stocking for the fireplace. The fillers are a candy cane made with white papered wire and red thread... plastic coloured pins for lollipops... a folded bookcover... flag... and a twisting bell puppet made with felt,toothpick,wooden bead, felt and seedbeads.

A wardrobe trunk for my Seagull Cottage. This was a DIY kit from Jane Harrop's collection. Memmories rolled in while making this kit. My stepgrandfather gave me his military army wardrobe trunk when I was setting off to college in 1959. Natually I had to repaper it with my colours at the time.
The trunk needs more damage done to it to make look like it has earned the stickers from travels.
I seem to require a photographing box by the looks of the quality of the photos and maybe a photo course. Now that is a good idea for my Christmas Wish.
The DIY kit was from Jane Harrop.