Friday, August 9, 2013

Visiting Bessie May's Quilt Supplies

Quilting being another hobby of mine made it an easy pick for my shop dollshouse.
The name comes from my grandmother Bessie May who passed away in 1971. She enjoyed sewing, quilting and embroidering for most of her life.

The shop has 2 floors and an attic bedroom and toilett.
The 1st or ground floor contains the shop with quilting supplies galore, office corner and a quilt on frame.

The 2nd floor is the sitting room with black accessories & kitchen nook. The black is a little out of my comfort zone, but I had to try it as the sofa pattern included black. The copper stovehood is the result of a course I taught at the Craft Retreat one year. Copper & metal work is a favorite technique I often use in my multimedia and scrapbooking projects.

The miniature water colour on wall by the stove is an original by A.Midttun.

The attic bedroom has a blue colour theme and is enjoyed as a chilling out place for a football interested girl.

                                                           Bessie May's Quilt Supplies


At Sola Strand, Norway.
Several of my friends and I with our Shops.
The Dollshouses are Kits from Barbara Mouldings
Photo by Hans.
This catching up with the missing year of blogging will take some time.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Miniature in Tune 2013

A dream came true this July........a whole week in Denmark at Tune enjoying miniature bookbinding & blind & gold tooling course, with a wonderful teacher Tine Krijnen, good friends with a common interest, fabulous food,sunny weather and a lovely place. A must again next year.

Following is the website for Miniature in Tune.

My choice was a 3day course & a 2 day course in bookbinding and blind and gold tooling of bookcovers with Tine Krijnen from Netherlands. We enjoyed wonderful days with her as a teacher. She was well prepared and a professional with good humour. She walked us through the steps with ease. I came away with a good solid basic knowledge for working on my owe making bookblocks, binding books and tooling the covers. It was a very interesting learning curve for me.

1:12 scale miniature books made on course.

Blind tooling
This is an open cookbook with splatters of coffee..
..........A happy satisfied Pat..........

A Year has gone by....................

In a couple of days a year will have passed since I posted last.

Kits, courses, a Christmas theme roombox, Peddler Lady roombox, Dollshouse treff group, KDF 2012, Miniatura 2013 and a week at Tune in Denmark have made this a busy year for me.

My interest is a mixture of 1:12 scale miniatures/ dollshouses/roomboxes, & 1:48 scale miniatures/ dollshouses.
  1:48 scale kits from Jane Harrop
These kits are fun to make but one has to be very gentle as they are fragile,being so small in scale.