Sunday, July 1, 2012

Holiday Fun

My Results after the Online courses with DHMS & Jane Harrop.

Flappy Duck #1
Rockinghorse #2
#3 is to be a Peddle Car
#4 is to be  a Puppet Theatre
#5 is to be a Minidollshouse
The first 2 projects have been about finishing techniques
and kit assembling.

My First 1:48 Petite Properties Ltd. House
"Bay Tree Manor" 

I can now image the finished house.
This house was put together in a group with Torhild Fornes.
There will be 6 finished houses in the end.
Torhild was a very good teacher for the different techniques

I tried a new rusting technique with
Ten Seconds Studios Verday Paint on the dorm-roofs.
TSS site & videos
I also ordered a PP "Lean To" Greenhouse Kit.
Petite Properties Ltd. site

"Deleted Post"
See why I had to redo the stove.
I took the wrong measurements 1st time around.
Learning curve READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS before starting.

See my measurement mistake and the redone kitchen sove.
Some difference!
Stove made from Petite Properties
 "Making Dolls House Furniture in 1:48 Scale,
 Author ...Fiona Broadwood.

That's all for now.


  1. I like the rockinghorse.
    Your little house is wonderful. I'm curious to see the furniture.
    Bye Faby

    1. Thoroughly enjoying the online monthly courses where I made the Rockinghorse. Finishing techniques and tips fabulous.

      More furniture being done when we aare at the cabin. So there will be pictures end of Aug. for you.
      Klem Pat

  2. For et flott hus Pat , kanskje jeg også må hive meg på den karusellen ?
    Er hesten ett kit ?


    1. Yes hesten er ett kit from Jane Harrop's online kurs. Jeg har ikke kommet meg lenger med jewellery sag siden "total floop" tray på Jose's kurs. :-).

    2. Janne, the rockinghorse and flappy duck are from the 5 monthly online courses/kits found in the DHMS magazine. The last magazine has the puppetshow on pg. 11.
      Klem Pat