Friday, July 20, 2012

Kit Weather

Rain Showers

This past week has been great indoors weather.
I've been busy making-up some miniature kits
for my 1:48 scale Petite Properties, Bay Tree Manor.

This bedroom furniture is from JH's Kits
as well as the easel and chair below.

The Settle and sq.table and chair are JH's Kits.
The other kitchen funiture and the the madeup bed are made out of card
from the instructions in
PP, Making Dolls House Furniture iin 1:48 scale by Fiona Bradwood.

These projects have been great fun and very good projects to have with me to the cabin.
They don't take up much space in luggage.

Time to be thinking of buying
a new raincoat and splasy rubberboots
if this summer weather keeps up.

bye bye